GEN-I : International Television Content Distributors : Sahara ONE, Filmy, Radio City 91.1FM, Sahara Samay
Premium International Programming:

About Us
GEN-I is a premiere international television content distribution and representation company. GEN-I's state-of-the-art television studios and broadcast hub is based in New York. From there GEN-I distributes premiere international television content to viewers throughout the United States, Canada, the UK and 22 other countries around the world.

Our broadcasting partners include
Dish Network, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, Rogers, BSkyB, IPTV Platforms, and others.

Channel Availability
GEN-I's premiere channels are available in many countries. Below is a list of ways you can find our premium content:

United States: SAHARA ONE, DISH NETWORK, Channel 624/797
Sahara One is part of the Dish Network Megapack, which is the largest bouquet of its kind available in the United States. Programming includes blockbuster movies, serials, music videos, family-based entertainment, action packed thrillers, lifestyle programs, cricket matches and more!
United States: FILMY, DIRECT TV, Channel 830 and TIME WARNER CABLE NY Channel 562
FILMY's edgy and fun content is distributed to a young demographic that enjoys Indian movies, red carpet events, premieres, movie awards and more.
United States: RADIO CITY 91.1FM, Dish Network, Channel 583
India's leading Radio station, Radio City 91.1 recently joined the number of leading broadcasting entities for GEN-I and has quickly become a favorite among listeners. Coming straight from the streets of Mumbai, Radio City 91.1 delivers fresh entertainment that is fun for the whole family.
Canada: SAHARA ONE, Rogers Cable- Personal TV, Channel 580
FILMY, Rogers Cable- Personal TV, Channel 830
UK: SAHARA ONE, BskyB, Channel 817
Sahara One is a part of the very popular MAX MIX in the UK, a consolidation of the very best South Asian television. Sahara One is part of VIEWASIA – The Biggest Asian TV Package Ever.
Our Broadcasting Partners: