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Marketing & Public Relations

GEN-I proudly sponsors a wide variety of events across the country. As a leading entertainment channel we understand what our viewers want and deliver it across the globe. Last year we sponsored over 200 events in the United States and Canada. Sponsorship packages vary from Title Sponsors (i.e. Sahara One Presents Mega Event 2010) to Basic Media Coverage. Elements of partnership can include advertisements on our channels, pre event publicity, post event publicity, production assistance, and complete event coverage. Sahara One, our premiere entertainment channel sponsors events catered for a wide audience. Pageants, Dance Competitions, Religious retreats, Yoga Camps, and fundraisers are just some of the events that Sahara One has supported. Filmy, our cutting edge Bollywood channel caters to a younger more film savvy audience. Sample event sponsorships have included Film Festivals, Movie Launches and Red Carpet Events. Radio City 91.1FM is India's leading network that provides 24 hours of South Asian music on Dish Network. Event sponsorships have including, album launches, club opening and large dance competitions.

Sahara One has a wide presence in the US, Canada and UK. We cover events in all categories including, community, politics, education, non profits, films, pageants, religion, health and much more. Our team can assist in promoting your event via various ground activities that we are involved with. Our team is experienced in promotions including trade shows, exhibit booths, flyer distribution, email blasts, media contacts, press releases, celebrity contacts and much more!

Media Partners
GEN-I has built strong partnerships with popular media outlets to gain maximum outreach. Some of our partners include: India Abroad, Indian Tribune, Radio City 91.1 FM, Desi Junction Chicago 1530 –Am, Bibi Magazine, Anokhi Magazine.

On Air Coverage
Your Voice – Our #1 community news program caters for the NRI audience. When you're looking for action on South Asian events, festival, exclusive interviews, this show bring it all to you! A news and entertainment packed 30 minute program that captures events and activities around town. Whether the Bachchans come to town, or the Prime Minister of India makes a visit, our cameras are there to capture all these exciting moments for you each week. A brand new episode is aired every Saturday morning on Sahara One featuring the week's hottest stories. Each story ranges from 3 – 7 minutes and the show features 3 – 5 stories in one episode. Sahara sponsored events are given prime footage in this program, including pre publicity interviews, as well as event highlights.

USA: Your Voice Schedule: Saturdays 12:30pm and 10:00 pm & Sundays: 5:30pm and 10:00pm

Center Stage – A special 30 minute program dedicated to one hot topic. We feature everything from the India Day Parade in Manhattan to exclusive interviews with actors, politicians and business leaders. Center Stage is the perfect outlet to highlight an upcoming event, a nonprofit organization, new project initiatives, or even an upcoming film promotion! DVD copies of our shows are available for a nominal fee. Contact us if you are interested in a story that was featured on Your Voice or Center Stage!

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